Automatic Renewal is Here!

Everyone forgets to renew their books sometimes…and who likes those overdue fines? Well, we have good news. Long Beach Public Library now has automatic renewal!

If you borrow an eligible item that doesn’t have any holds on it, that item will automatically be renewed three days prior to the due date. Depending on the item, it will automatically be renewed one or two times. High-demand and specialty items are not eligible for renewal.

You’ll get an email notification when items are automatically renewed. If you don’t have an email address on file, stop by the Library or call 516-432-7201 ext. 224 to add it. You can also see the most current due dates for any items by logging into your online account with your library card and pin number.

As long as there isn’t a hold on the item by another patron, these items are all eligible for automatic renewal:

· All Adult Fiction & Nonfiction, including new releases

· All Music CDs, including new releases

· All Audiobooks, including new releases

· DVDs

· Graphic Novels

· Civil Service Test Prep materials

· Kids Fiction & Nonfiction

· Teen (YA) Fiction & Nonfiction

· Picture Books