Your community and your library need your help.

AARP Tax Preparation – 2023

Your library hosts several programs aimed at helping our patrons and your friends and neighbors and we need your help sustaining those efforts. One of these programs is in jeopardy of closing due to low staffing levels. We are talking about our free income tax preparation service. You don’t need to be a retired CPA or accountant and you don’t need to be “good with numbers” (although that helps; if you can add a few numbers with a calculator, that’s enough). You don’t need prior experience with preparing taxes. What you do need is a familiarity with personal computers, an email address, the willingness to learn something new and to help others. If you like solving puzzles or playing cards or other games (meaning you like mental challenges and can learn and follow a few rules), you should fit in. Giving back to your community is very rewarding.  If you are interested in helping please contact us at and someone will contact you within 72 hours. Please include your address and phone number.