GET ebooks & audiobooks USING YOUR LIBRARY CARD

You can borrow eBooks or eAudiobooks using the Libby app or using your Long Beach Public Library card! That means you'll get your favorite books delivered without ever leaving your house. And the best part? Books are returned automatically so you'll never have overdue fines again!

Download Libby from the App Store or Google Play Check out the video on the right to see how you download the Libby app and get eBooks for your Kindle.

How do I use the Libby App?

  • Open the Libby app or go to
  • Hit Yes when it asks if you have a library card
  • Search for a Library, enter 11561, and select Nassau Digital Doorway
  • Select “Sign In With My Card” and select “Long Beach Public Library”
  • Enter your library card number and select “Next”
  • Prefer to read on your Kindle? Select “Yes, I Read With Kindle” If not, Select “Skip”.
  • Start browsing, baby!
  • Once you find a book you're looking for, hit "Borrow" or "Place Hold" if the title is not yet available.

How do I download books on my Kindle?

If you have a Kindle, first make sure it’s registered with your Amazon account.

  • Open the Libby app or go to
  • Browse books or search for a title you want.
  • Once you found your book, click "Borrow" (or "Place Hold" if title isn't currently available).
  • Hit “Open Book”.
    • If you’ve told Libby that you prefer to read on your Kindle, you will be transferred right to your Amazon login page.
    • If you haven’t told Libby that you prefer to read on your Kindle, you may see an option for Kindle Apps & Devices or Libby This App. Select Kindle and you’ll be transferred to your Amazon login page.
  • Sign into your Amazon account like you normally would and you'll come to the page of the book you're borrowing.
  • Hit "Get Library Book" and the book will be delivered to your primary device.
    • It can also be delivered to another device. Go to your Kindle library, select All, and select the book to download.
  • Your eBook will appear on your Kindle the next time it’s connected to WiFi and syncs.

You can also use Libby to get magazines, comics, graphic novels, Great Courses, concerts, movies & TV shows!

hoopla  opens in a new window

Be sure to check out hoopla if you’re looking for comics and even more ebooks and audiobooks. Download the app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire or head to from your computer. Follow these steps to enjoy content: 

1. Create an account using your email and select a password.  
2. Find Your Library; choose “Long Beach Public Library, NY” 
3. Enter your library card number  
4. Browse and borrow titles you want! 

You may check out up to 4 items per month. Ebooks, comics, and audiobooks can be borrowed for 21 days with no holds!  

Hoopla also has a selection of music, movies and TV shows. Click here (link this page to the streaming page of our website) to find out more.