Mission statement


Long Beach Public Library is a gateway to endless possibilities. We foster a love of reading and lifelong learning, cultivate community connections and growth, and provide access to creative and cultural opportunities.

Our Vision


Our vision is for Long Beach Public Library to be the first place that members of our community turn to fulfill their needs. 

Core Values


As a fiscally responsible community resource, Long Beach Public Library has five core values.


We are an active presence in the community establishing, maintaining and building upon connections to provide all with chances to thrive and grow.



As a physical space, the Library is accessible to all including those with invisible needs and disabilities. As a physical space, the Library provides patrons with the technology and assistance to utilize virtual services. As a virtual space, the Library provides 24/7 access to resources and information.


3. service

We are people-driven, actively encouraging input from the community and receptive to making changes based on suggestions for improvement. All aspects of service will be data-driven and run through the lens of what the community needs and wants. 



We create a welcoming and comfortable environment where the diverse values, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures in our community are appreciated, represented, supported, and celebrated.


5. Trust

The Library is trusted to provide consistent and factual information. The Library maintains its community trust by promoting transparency and accountability in all facets of operations and conduct.